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Info for Presenters

The meeting will take place in two venues. They are located around 1 km away (10-15 minutes by walk):

1. the Department of Science and Technology, Via dei Mulini 73 - Workshops

2. the Convent of San Felice, Viale degli Atlantici 12 - Main meeting

By plane

Closest airports are Napoli Capodichino (NAP, 80km), Bari (BRI, 230 km), Roma Fiumicino (FCO, 275 km) and Roma Ciampino (CIA, 230 km, but with fewer connections with public transport than FCO). All airports are connected by public transport to Benevento (e.g., from NAP around 2-2.30 hours, from FCO around 2.30-3 hours train trip).


By train

The Benevento train station is on the Napoli-Foggia train line. There are direct high-speed trains from Rome (e.g., FrecciaRossa Rome Termini-Benevento, 1h30, 43.00€ full price), as well as local trains (cheaper) from Napoli (e.g., Napoli Centrale-Benevento direct, 1h45, 5.60€). At the moment you need a Covid-pass and to wear an FFP2 face mask to travel by train. We have no idea how the rules will change by the summer.

For more information about travel routes, prices, and information, as well as how to buy your tickets, please refer to the Trenitalia website


By bus

There are 3 Flixbus direct routes from Rome to Benevento: Roma Tiburtina-Benevento (2h55), Roma Ciampino Airport-Benevento (3h30), Roma Fiumicino Airport-Benevento (4h10). For more information about travel routes, prices and information, as well as how to buy your tickets, please refer to the Flixbus website

Travel info


For the in-person attendees, below you can download the list of accomodation facilities in Benevento. Those in green are appling a discout to the delegates

Talk guidelines

Oral communications will take place in a dual way, in person and online.

Due to the high number of talk presented, we are evaluating if reducing the time for oral presentation to 12 minutes including question time. To keep the dense schedule on time we ask you to try keeping your talk withing 10 minutes, to allow questions and speaker change. 

Live presentations are preferred, however pre-recorded talks are accepted. In this last case, they must be provided to the organizing committee by Wednesday 15th June and in a compatible video format (e.g., *.mp4, *.avi). If you wish to present a recorded video, please contact as soon as possible the organizers at


Poster guidelines



All posters, physical and online will be uploaded and available into a secure area of the website, where only the attendees of the Annual Meeting will be able to view them. Please upload your poster before 15 June here:

Posters must be submitted as a PDF and JPG image. Maximum file size 10 MB.

Poster must be portratit, width:70 cm height: 100 cm.


All the posters will be printed on site free of charge for the presenters. 

If you wish to print your poster by your own, please contact us and let us know.

Flash Talk

After last year’s success, we strongly encourage poster presenter to consider a Flash talk. You will have 2 minutes with only 1 slide allowed to present the content of your poster. The slideshow will be shared by the chairman, in order to keep speedy the passage transition between flash talks.

It is mandatory that you send the organizer the slide (as PDF) for the flash talk together with the poster by Wednesday 15th June.

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